Unit Trust Funds

Funds offer an easy and convenient way to invest; popular with novice and experienced investors alike.

Our Funds

  Balanced Managed Income & Growth Special Situations
Initial charge 5,000,000 ISK 5,000,000 ISK 5,000,000 ISK
Performance fee No No No
Manager Indigo Real Estate Indigo Planetary Services Indigo Bank
Fund size 1.15tr ISK 3.01tr ISK 1.67tr ISK
Dealing frequency Daily Daily Daily
Valuation point 11:45 EVE 11:45 EVE 11:45 EVE
Minimum investment 10,000,000 ISK 25,000,000 ISK 50,000,000 ISK
Historic yield 12.96% 50.52% 7.08%




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