We’re still here!


We’re still here!

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Hello everyone, sorry we’ve been quiet. Its not you, its us. Are we cool?

Now with that out of the way, we’ve all seen that it has been a turbulent few months for EVE in general. The markets have been up & down, the servers have been off & on, and the players have been in & out (not in that way).

We’ve done our best to carry on, and we’ve succeeded. However, we will be making some changes and relaunching some of our products.

What are we planning? Take a look!

Current Accounts

We are increasing the basic Cr interest rate for everyone from 0.75% to 2.00% AER as a thank you for staying with us.

Savings Accounts

The failed sell-off off our savings accounts to Arcane Savings mean that they are once again back under control. This was an unexpected event and we aren’t ready to take these on just yet, to keep things simple we will be closing them and transferring balances into your Current Account.


We have safety thresholds in place to protect the value of our investments (and yours). These kicked in for the first time ever over the past few weeks in reaction to the continuous unexpected downtimes.

What does this mean?

Once we have established a final valuation point, all investment Cr balances will be transferred into the Current Account of the customer. Those with Dr balances will simply close with us absorbing the loss.

Investment Accounts owned by corporations

We will be contacting the Director or Diplomatic Contact of these customers to make arrangements.


Our entire loan book is being sold to EVE Credit Bureau, we will not be accepting new loan applications for the next few weeks.


All expiring insurance policies will not be renewed automatically and we are will not be accepting new applications for a few weeks. Pending claims will be fulfilled before this happens.

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